If your wedding is inching closer and closer and you’re starting to panic, I have some helpful tips for you!

Guys are really good at keeping things simple, so involve the crap out of your husband to be. Get him to do stuff with you. If he thinks it’s stupid or a waste of time or too much money, compromise! instead of the perfect dream fondant wedding cake, switch to butter cream! They can be just as beautiful and you can shave off almost $100!

blushing-bride-231Use your creativity to create something instead of buying all of that wedding crap. At my wedding, we ALMOST had a flower meltdown. our florist quoted us $400 (which is unheard of, for what I wanted) A month before the wedding we learned she dipped out of town, never to be heard of again! The guy who took her place said that price would not even buy HALF of the flowers that I had in mind. So, thanks to Amazon Prime, I ordered a cupcake carousel for each table and tissue paper to make paper flowers. and in the end, I was even able to return the carousels, which was another $200 in my pocket! (it was a busy last month, but we made it happen) I’m so happy things ended the way they did. Everyone was complementing on how cute everything was!

Make sure to hire a photographer who really listens to your unique wedding photo ideas. I had some high school students take our wedding photos, and as you probably guessed, I regret it! the pictures were truly terrible, we saved money, but the pictures were crap. the next two weddings I went to had the same photographer, and I’m not surprised! their pictures turned out so wonderful! They truly are passionate about what they do, and stay committed to your vision.

The biggest and best last piece of advice I can give you is, on the day of your wedding.. just breathe and take it all in.  What ever happens, happens. Don’t let a misplaced prop or a grumpy guest ruin the one day that’s supposed to be perfect! OH! and make sure to eat your wedding food/cake. I’ve heard a lot of brides miss out on that experience and it’s quite sad!