Converting Standard Websites to Mobile

The business of converting standard websites to mobile is relatively new, especially when we pause to consider just how new of an addition the smartphone is to our daily lives.
Younger and future generations may not know what the world was like before the Internet was in your pocket nearly everywhere you went, but we certainly do.
That being said, web designers and programmers were admirably quick to jump on the market for mobile converters, meaning that a simple Google search will tell you that there are literally hundreds of converters to choose from.

We will discuss a few popular and inexpensive converters below.

1. MoFuse:

Considered one of the most popular converters, MoFuse is easy to use and highly customizable. You will be able to add a variety of elements such as dynamic content, as well as “drag and drop” content into your ideal configuration.
Before you finish, MoFuse lets you preview your mobile site in the MoFuse Emulator, allowing you to make edits before launching your brand new mobile website.

2. MobiSiteGalore:

Quick and easy conversion from standard desktop to mobile display, MobiSiteGalore guides users through the process with multiple instructional videos so that you are always informed of every step along the way.
This converter comes with a “Goodies List” where users can easily select useful features for their mobile site, such as Click-To-Call and, Add-To-Phonebook, and PayPal links.

3. Conduit Mobile:

Consisting of simple, user-friendly software and an extensive library of features, Conduit Mobile creates a seamless mobile-friendly version of your existing website.
Moreover, this software is also able to create a native app version of your website.

4. WireNode:

Used to convert over thirty-thousand websites, WireNode is less customizable than some competitors, however, you are still able to choose colors and photos, as well as edit and delete pages.
Additionally, WireNode allows users to view site traffic and provides some basic analytics.
All of this is available in their free package, so it is a great option for individuals on a budget.

5. Mippin:

What isn’t offered in customization is more than made up for by the fast, easy experience, and high-quality results.
Mippin provides high-quality conversions that are optimized to fit perfectly on over two-thousand devices.
The service is 100 percent free of charge, and users can even earn money via advertising.

Additional Resources & Tools:

While not intended or able to create a mobile site, MobiReady is a useful tool to see how well your existing website works on mobile devices. Simply input your website’s URL, and MobiReady will provide you with a report that consists of information on how well your website displays on an array of mobile devices, as well as informing you of potential problem areas.
Used in conjunction with Google’s PSI, and you are in potentially very good hands.

Today, the reward for companies and businesses to go mobile is greater than ever, and only expected to increase as even more individuals turn to mobile services for their immediacy and convenience.

The world stage is enormous, vibrant, and utterly exciting. We use terms like “mobile trend”, but what we truly mean is that human beings yearn to move quickly, to experience as much as possible, to live as fully as we are capable.
Going mobile is more than revenue, more than brand visibility, it is acknowledging our speed and the challenge to meet it.